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Hi there! My name is Katherine, and I am doing a research task for my… - ask mama jess...

About Hi there! My name is Katherine, and I am doing a research task for my…

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Date:May 12th, 2004 03:26 pm (UTC)
my heavens, Katherine, a serious question? you've made my heart go pittypat, dear girl. here goes:

1. Why do you have a live journal?
i'd always had trouble keeping a journal. when my dear friend sambear invited me to start an lj, i jumped at the chance. it's been a great outlet for me and i've met a number of friends as a result. i'll be meeting a group of people from lj next week, most likely.

2. What made you start one?
see above. i kinda dig that Sam guy a lot.

3. Is your live journal more for yourself (like a personal diary) or for readers(for entertainment and/or feedback, comments)?
actually, it's both. i've been able to keep track of events in my own life, thoughts i've had, observations about my life. i also post some links to interesting (or odd) things on the net. using it for entertainment and feedback was a natural outgrowth of the friending network.

4. Do you find your posts lack emotion, or are depersonalised?
no, not mine, but i do see that in other people's blogs. i rather suspect that's an indication that their own live interaction with people can be subdued.

5. Does your LJ impact/affect your face to face social interaction?
yes, thank goodness! i've met some people as a result of lj, will meet more, and i do find that i ask people i meet in other circumstances if they keep a blog online. if they're willing to say yes and invite me to read the journals, i tend to find them more trustworthy and i can get to know them all the better -- and vice versa.

6. How do you see LJ developing over time?
i expect that they'll be adding a video posting before too long. i'm not sure how, but i also figure they'll add a new dimension to the friends networking that's a natural byproduct of the system.

let us know how it goes!

take care,
mama jess
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