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Hi there! My name is Katherine, and I am doing a research task for my… - ask mama jess...

About Hi there! My name is Katherine, and I am doing a research task for my…

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Date:May 12th, 2004 08:21 pm (UTC)
1. Why do you have a live journal?

To update friends about events in my life, to have access to others' journals, to have a running dialog with friends about various subjects, to make new friends.

2. What made you start one?

Several friends convinced me that if I wrote it, they would read it.

3. Is your live journal more for yourself (like a personal diary) or for readers(for entertainment and/or feedback, comments)?

It resembles a diary, but I certainly don't post about everything that goes on in my life. I like to entertain, I like to get feedback, and I like to inform.

4. Do you find your posts lack emotion, or are depersonalised?

No, mine are pretty animated, though I rarely reveal my heart and soul in my journal.

5. Does your LJ impact/affect your face to face social interaction?

Since I've had a running journal for over two years, with commentary by people who know me IRL, it gives friends on LJ who haven't yet met me IRL a reason to trust me, and it accelerates the familiarization process.

6. How do you see LJ developing over time?

Better, stronger, faster! Eventually, it will resemble the Matrix. I want to be an agent!
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